Your concrete is a focal point of your property. That’s why you must take care of it. MacFarlane Services can help you keep it in its best shape for many years! With 20 years of combined experience in floor coatings and concrete weatherization, we have built a reputation as one of the best in Omaha, Nebraska. We only deliver the highest quality workmenship.

Our Services

Driveway Caulking & Sealing

When water is allowed to seap down into the cracks of your driveway, it can freeze, damaging the concrete, which is know as spaulding. The water can also wash away the soil holding the concrete in place causing it to sink. Caulking your concrete will protect it from these issues. Spraying our protective sealer on the concrete will protect it from salt damage, corrosive chemicals in tap water and other problems arising on the surface of the concrete.  

Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Polyurethane concrete lifting, otherwise known as PolyLift or ‘polyjacking’ uses high-density geo technical expanding foam to raise and stabilize slabs at around half the price of replacing the slab.  It is also a much greener solution because you are not taking old concrete to the landfill or getting any new concrete batched. 

Polyaspartic and Polyurea Floor Coatings

Give your concrete floor the great looks and protection it deserves! Applying a high-quality coating to your concrete adds another layer of protection to your house or business. Our coatings can be used for new concrete or revitalizing older, worn-out surfaces. It will add longevity and safety to your concrete floors and improve their overall appearance.


Spray foam insulation is the absolute best way to insulate your home. Our open cell foam has higher R values than other types of insulation, while our closed cell insulation is used where water and moisture are a concern. It does not mold and will stop all air and water from gettng through. Typical uses for closed cell insulation include: out buildings, basements, garages and rooflines.